This gallery contains various projects I developed and designed. All projects have details on a separate page. Featured projects are marked with a and are some of my best work. Every page contains details on the project with some having write-ups on the development process.

Decky Loader
Decky LoaderMost popular plugin loader and store for the Steam Deck, a portable gaming PCJanuary 2023 ⬥ React
CSS Loader
CSS LoaderSteam Deck plugin to load custom CSS themes with a built-in store systemAugust 2022 ⬥ React
UTDesign Makerspace Website
UTDesign Makerspace WebsiteWebsite for learning about and joining UTDesign MakerspaceMay 2022 ⬥ Gatsby
DreadlightAward-winning action game made in under two weeks for the SGDA Arcade Game JamMarch 2022 ⬥ Unity
BitBotDiscord bot that checks 3D print status, has custom Makerspace profiles, and moreOctober 2021 ⬥ Node.js
PugRunnerDiscord bot for running Team Fortress 2 pickup games with the help of a moderatorSeptember 2020 ⬥ Node.js
Using VR for Learning Hardware
Using VR for Learning HardwareA research project to determine how well virtual reality improves hardware learningNovember 2023 ⬥ Unity
DocereA free tutoring scheduling app for students and tutors created for a senior projectMay 2023 ⬥ React
Decky Loader Website
Decky Loader WebsiteWebsite for learning about and downloading the Decky Loader projectJanuary 2023 ⬥ Gatsby
Audio Loader
Audio LoaderSteam Deck plugin to load custom music and sound effects with a built-in store systemAugust 2022 ⬥ React
Old Portfolio
Old PortfolioMy first portfolio website and first website developed in ReactMay 2022 ⬥ Gatsby
UTDesign Makerspace Trainings
UTDesign Makerspace TrainingsYouTube videos and Moodle quizzes for various technology, such as 3D printersApril 2022 ⬥ Moodle
PAYDAY 2 Stealth
PAYDAY 2 StealthRecreation of the PAYDAY 2 stealth systems for Scripting for Games I at UT DallasDecember 2021 ⬥ Unity
UTDesign Makerspace Wiki
UTDesign Makerspace WikiMarkdown entries for the UTDesign Makerspace Wiki, such as rules and guidesOctober 2021 ⬥ Wiki.js
Temoc Bot
Temoc BotDiscord bot for UT Dallas students to see menus, parking availability, and moreApril 2021 ⬥ Node.js
ShodōVirtual reality multiplayer hack and slash with a focus on spell casting strategyNovember 2020 ⬥ Unity